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Fandubbing Fun

School's keeping me really busy. All of my classes have a test and a few also have a project due this week so it's going to be a nightmare.

I spent some time yesterday night helping my boyfriend put together his project for his class. He had to take a 3 minute clip of animation and replace all the audio for it. He *really* wanted to remake the Sailor Moon American dub. (/cringe I know.) I'm proud of his work and I did almost all of the dialogue in the clip so I'd like to show it off. <3 (At least give you guys a good laugh to start the day off. ^-^)

He actually took the original opening, cut off about 10 seconds of it to match the animetal theme he was using of the opening and then mixed it with the american dic dub.

Here's our edited clip:

Since he edited two pieces together, I'll need to ask him for the clip he used originally. Then you can see them both side by side. I did all the voices except the kids and Luna. :)

Hope you guys like it and that I didn't butcher it too much.
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