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Meme - Stolen from Lunix + Rahenna
Royalty (Queen Serenity)
Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works and put their summaries from Better than it Sounds and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

1. Please Save My Earth - A group of alien scientists who lived on the moon are reincarnated as six Japanese teenagers and one seven year old. Drama ensues. mousey_sama

2. Neon Genesis Evangelion - Superweapons are given to mentally unstable children while the adults plot to destroy the world. rahenna

3. Naruto - Titular character continually gets screwed over by "best friend", an emo with an utter lack of sense and commitment. The Big Bad looks like a mix between Voldemort and Michael Jackson. China invades. mousey_sama

4. High School girl and her two ambiguously lesbian friends save the world from the (dis)comfort of their own school.

5. Magic User's Club - Secret world-saving club gets pushed around by the anime club next door. digital_echo

6. Last Exile - A pair of fast-flying couriers get dragged into a war against their will. tenshikoh

7. Full Moon wo Sagashite - An Ill Girl's last wish is to become a great singer to get noticed by the boy she loves. nagareboshihe

8. Vandread - The Battle of the Sexes is Serious Business. tenshikoh

9. Get Backers - Two young men with superpowers, occasionally aided by their other superpowered friends, return stolen goods for a price. rahenna

10. Gunslinger Girl - The day-to-day activities of Italian social services. Alternatively, little girls with cybernetic implants kill terrorists. tenshikoh

11. Kaleido Star - Spunky Japanese acrobat gets put through hell in order to make it big with American knockoff of Cirque du Soleil. lauchis

12. Weiss Kreuz - A group of androgynous, sexually ambiguous young men pose as florists to cover-up their lucrative business as assassins. rahenna

13. Gravitation - Wannabe singer falls in love with a famous author who calls his lyrics crappy. rahenna

14. Saiyuki - Four guys are sent west in a very small jeep by a hermaphroditic deity. Hilarity Ensues. rahenna

15. K-ON! - Schoolgirls stay after school to practice their music, but instead eat cake and talk. nagareboshihe

16. Gundam Wing - A girl decides that the perfect man for her is the guy who wants to kill her. Yaoi Fangirls flood mecha fansites. mousey_sama

17. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne - Two thieves compete to steal cursed artwork. nagareboshihe

18. Inu Yasha - Teenage girl collects jewelry with her boyfriend, whose late dad is a real son of a bitch. mousey_sama

19. Pretear - A girl is hired by a group of Bishonen to help fix changing weather patterns. Though it's actually more complicated, they appear to turn into clothes. tenshikoh

20. Prince of Tennis - Skill at sport bestows ability to defy physics and commit genocide against the dinosaurs. tenshikoh


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